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Center for Personal Power  

 ....Helping enrich lives through Hypnosis!!






 Center for Personal Power provides assistance in:



  •   Ending Procrastination

  •   Increasing Self Confidence 
  •   Reducing Fears

  •    Public Speaking 


  •     Eliminating ChronicWorry

  •   .....and much more  ! 



Center for Personal Power believes that each person has the resources to realize joy and happiness, and with our processes this becomes a reality. Center for Personal Power is dedicated to help in making all your dreams come true.



 Center for Personal Power is a proud member of

  the National Guild of Hypnotists




NGH Certified Instructor  


Center for Personal Power 

What clients are saying about their experiences with Center for Personal Power:

 “I cannot thank you enough for the session.  My negative self-talk has been replaced with positive self-talk.  I am free!” J.G.

“I felt stuck, fat, ugly, scared and meaningless when I walked through Carole’s door.  Now I feel pride, hope, beauty in life and a clear sense of direction. I received the gift of my life back – in addition to guidance for weight control. L.O.

"I respond well to hypnosis. The nice thing about this program (smoking cessation) is its completeness...not just one or two sessions, then when needed...but a complete program with a determined number of visits. It's spread out over an extended period which , I think is really helpful, so as to identify my times more closely when I might be tempted to smoke again. Another really nice feature of this program is that it is individually tailored to the client. I think this is very important. It has worked for me! I recommend it!"  W.K.

“The experience was unbelievable – to smoke as long as I did and be rid of the bad habit smoothly and easily – as if I had never smoked – truly amazing!” M.P.

I had such a great experience with Carole.  I can’t tell you how much she has helped me.  God bless her.”  G.A.

“After a few sessions with Paul, my pain began to diminish….On an hour to hour basis, I consider myself pain free….It has been a wonderful experience, not only because I am pain free, but because I feel that I am a better and happier person, too!” L.S.

" Paul: I came to you at an extremely low point in my life. I had lost my beloved husband after a fierce fight with cancer, and then my brother a year later with the same disease. I was anxiety ridden, grieving and angry. I felt I had lost the most meaningful part of my life. My children are grown, I'm retired and the rest of my life had been predicated on my husband and I being together. I didn't know what  to do to stop the pain. Working with you for the past few months has been a pleasure and a privilege. I have come so far toward being a functioning, happy human being. I am more relaxed, calmer and, dare I say, more rational. You have guided me through many exercises in self-awareness that have enabled me to attain a more positive and balanced attitude toward my life, my family, and my friends. I have gone deep into hypnosis and come out more peaceful, more internally calm, and centered than I could have thought possible. I look forward to seeing you occasionally for 'tune ups' but know that I can move foreward in life on my own. Thank you so very much for guiding and mentoring me to a healthy and happy place in life. With deep gratitude, ' P.B.

“Over the years I have been blessed in that I have met people in my life that have been there for me at just the right time. Paul is one of those people….I will remain forever thankful and would recommend him and the process he uses to anyone who really wants to make needed changes in their life.  P.Y.

"My experience with Paul during these sessions has been eye opening. At first as much as I wanted to believe, that little voice kept a small nagging thought of doubt. But as I experienced the changes of thought and perception, doubt was overcome by trust and belief. The choices Paul has taught me to make for myself have empowered me to make positive choices and reactions to the negative elements in my life. I started out with heavy feelings of doubt, no confidence, and unsurety with the want of success and wealth. Now I have the confidence, determination, and goals to make success and wealth step out of the dream and into reality....  Thanks to these sessions, I feel more alive, serene, and confident than I ever could imagine. Thank you from my heart."  C.R.




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